Welcome to my blog site! I started this blog in 2017 after quitting my accounting job of seven years to travel the world. A year of travel led me to Tokyo, Japan, where I am now teaching English. I hope you enjoy!

Why tedious and brief…

I got the idea for my blog’s title from a podcast called S-Town. At one point the main character is talking about grandfather and sundial clocks and how they have mottos, which are typically sad. One such motto was tedious and brief. As in, if you are watching a sundial clock you are literally witnessing the rotation of the Earth, a concept so huge it can make your life seem tedious and brief.

Since 2012 I’ve been in a book club with some ladies I play basketball with, and had taken to writing down stories or quotes that struck me as I read our books so I could share them when we met to discuss (and drink wine). One day I was jogging around the hills of Mission Dolores in San Francisco listening to S-Town when I heard this quote. It hit me so strongly that I paused to write it down.

Months later, as I was brainstorming to come up with a blog title, I came across the motto in my notes and realized it was a perfect embodiment of why I was embarking on this adventure. Maybe it’s my accounting background, but tedious is certainly a way to describe many demands of my job, and brief, well, not to get too tedious…but each of us is on this Earth for some minuscule fraction of a second when compared to Earth’s history, or even human existence.

So I’ve decided to make my life a bit less tedious, even if only for a brief little while.