Holy Hallstatt!

I’ve been lucky enough to visit some beautiful places in my lifetime. I’ve been to the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Zion National Park, Skellig Michael (Ireland), Jerusalem, Bohemian Switzerland National Park and Cesky Krumlov, just to name a few.

That being said, I think Hallstatt, Austria is the most beautiful place I’ve ever visited. This Upper Austrian village sits right on the Hallstätter See among the Austrian Alps, which is why it boasts a UNESCO World Heritage viewpoint and draws tons of tourists, despite its population of 758.

A friend asked me a few weeks ago what my favorite day has been on my trip and I couldn’t answer. I think today might have been it. It probably helps that I came during what had to be the peak of fall foliage and it was 70 and sunny. The nature gods were with me today.

The town has a long history which features highlights including the oldest salt mine in the world dating back to prehistoric times, the world’s oldest pipeline which was constructed 400 years ago, and a prehistoric cemetery. But for once I’m going to take a break from history and facts (also I didn’t pay to go in any of the museums or do any tours) and just show you pictures. It was hard to figure out how to present these (I took a LOT), so I’m just going in chronological order, which also kind of tells you about my day.

From the ferry on the way into Hallstatt (you can’t reach it by train):


From the trail on the way up to the UNESCO viewpoint:

Viewpoints from the trail that were not UNESCO viewpoints:

UNESCO World Heritage Viewpoint:

Views from hiking up above the UNESCO viewpoint:

Pictures around town:

Asian tourists really like this place, a replica of the entire town of Hallstatt was even built in Huizhou, China. You can see some of the Asian influence around the town (and a lot of signs are in German and Chinese only!):

Pictures from the “postcard viewpoint”:

I was loving all the red ivy covered houses:

There are tons of swans on the lake (real and in boat form):

Others that I couldn’t find a category for:



And I got to end my day FaceTiming with this cutie:


A pretty good day, right?

5 thoughts on “Holy Hallstatt!

  1. Emily, I’m loving your day with you! I’m still taking in your last post, and now here come these spectacular pictures, with your appreciation for these sights leaping off the page (screen) all the way across the ocean. Glad you got such great weather for visiting this beautiful place. The flower boxes, the red ivy, the swans of different sorts, and more — you captured it well. And the sweet smile on your cutie niece at the end of the day, an inspiring wonder in its own category 🙂

  2. Kim Sheffield

    Loving every bit of this journey with you, Em! This recent blog post reaffirms my desire to visit Austria. The pictures are incredible. I’ve never been, have wanted to go for some time now, and have been nagging the family for the last few years.
    Maybe Mike and I will just do it without them.
    By the way, I do agree, I think your day ended quite well. FaceTiming with Kayla is priceless😊

  3. rfeldman27

    Funny the only sign in English is “quiet please”! Looks like you are in a fairy tale. Great pictures of an incredible site on a perfect day. Well done Em!

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